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ESTEEM—Engaging Students to Enliven the Ecclesial Mission—gives college students at 12 universities across the nation the tools they need to tap their full potential in connecting with the life of the Church. ESTEEM helps campus ministers empower their students, leading them to discover their talent and passion and serve their parishes once they graduate. And by participating in this innovative and dynamic year-long curriculum of study, prayer, community-building and service, students are given the skills, resources, and inspiration to help them live out their baptismal call.


“Each spring we have passionate, articulate, faithful leaders who leave our campus ministry programs and lose touch with the Church until they return to be married years later,” said Katie Byrnes, assistant chaplain at St. Thomas More Chapel. “This program seeks to empower young adults to take active roles in their parishes and with diocesan leaders when they leave their campuses.”

ESTEEM was born from the overlapping missions of the Leadership Roundtable and St. Thomas More Chapel. The Roundtable strives to bring best practices to the Church in the areas of finance, management, and human resource development through the increased utilization of the skills of the laity. Focused primarily on established professionals, the Roundtable recognizes the importance for the future health of the Church to engage the next generations of leaders. At St. Thomas More Chapel, young Catholic leaders use their skills in service to their faith community at Yale, and like students across the nation, that energy and enthusiasm does not always transfer to their parishes following graduation.

By combining resources, the Leadership Roundtable and St. Thomas More Chapel & Center developed a program that trains and exhorts students to bring their skills learned in classes and in campus ministry programs to their new parishes, dioceses, and local Catholic agencies, and to continue that spirit of service in young adults’ professional lives following graduation.

For more information contact:

Katie Diller -
ESTEEM National Coordinator
National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management

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