Service & Social Justice

Our faith is lived out through serving God, living Catholic ideals and demonstrating compassion for humankind. STM empowers you to explore your spiritual path through service.



The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) student ambassador program engages college students in tangible acts of solidarity to build a more just and peaceful world. Yale has partnered with Albertus Magnus creating a chapter of student leaders who are trained to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on their campuses. Ambassadors organize awareness campaigns, prayer services, candlelight vigils, faith sharing groups, legislative advocacy and fundraising for global emergencies as well as participate in CRS programs such as CRS Rice Bowl, CRS Fair Trade and CRS Helping Hands.


STM partners with integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) to support refugees who are resettled in Connecticut. Students can assist in tutoring (English as a Second Language), providing cultural integration and setting up new homes. In 2016, STM sponsored a Muslim family from Syria and we are currently preparing to sponsor another family in the near future.


Each week, STM’s Wednesday Soup Kitchen serves lunch to hundreds of guests. Students are invited to join with community members to prepare, serve and welcome our soup kitchen guests. The soup kitchen is open from October through April each year.


The STM Ambassadors program offers an intensive, summertime initiative focused on helping the underserved population wherever you are spending the summer. Students work with a nonprofit agency of their choice on a creative new endeavor that addresses a need and submit the proposal for funding to STM. If selected, the student and the agency could receive up to $5,000 ($2,500 for the agency and $2,500 for the student’s stipend). This project is meant to bring together the needs of the agency and the student’s personal passion.

(Opportunities are based on Yale COVID Guidelines.)


St. Martin de Porres, a school for underserved students in greater New Haven, is looking for weekly after-school tutors, mentors, club leaders, and coaches each semester. Whether you can come only occasionally or consistently, there is a need in one of many activities including but not limited to: middle school tutoring, high school tutoring, SAT Prep, health education, sport assistant coaching, arts, technology, and cooking.


Sunrise Cafe has been serving breakfast without charge to New Haven’s homeless and hungry since 2015. Each weekday morning, the Cafe welcomes guests to the undercroft of St. Paul and St. James, near Wooster Square and three blocks south of the New Haven Green with white tablecloths, flowers and a rotating menu of fresh, warm, nutritious home-cooked food. Your generosity opens our doors…Sunrise provides a unique opportunity to bridge New Haven’s inequalities that separate us from one another. Volunteers come once and become regulars. Guests and volunteers become friends and greet one another on the street.


The Amistad Catholic Worker is a community of faith dedicated to the daily practice of the Works of Mercy, voluntary poverty, personalism and prayer. Located in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven, this private home is open as a house of hospitality offering sustenance and companionship. The Amistad Catholic Worker community seeks to be a safe haven and a public nonviolent witness in the neighborhood -- blurring the distinction between the people who are serving and those being served. Volunteers are needed in a number of roles ranging from yard and garden work, sorting donations and preparing meals.


DESK is powered by a corps of dedicated volunteers who prepare food, set up the dining room, serve meals, clean up, operate our weekly pantry, stock our shelves, transport donations, and assist with a variety of administrative tasks and fundraising efforts.  With a limited staff, we cannot do it without our amazing volunteers … and that’s how we like it!  When more people meet and interact with those in need, we are building community.  When volunteers shake the hands of our guests and give them a smile and sympathetic ear at dinner, we are forming connections.  The path to recovery, health, and equity is paved with understanding.


Loaves and Fishes provides food, clothing and access to services that meet their guests' basic needs so that they have greater agency in making personal finance decisions. They offer culturally appropriate and nutritious food, create a welcoming shopping environment where guests can choose seasonally appropriate clothing that best suits their needs; and connect guests to other service providers as needed.