Finding God on Park Street

Dive into the heart of the Catholic experience at Yale University with host Grace Klise, Assistant Chaplain at Saint Thomas More. In each episode, Grace and her student co-hosts engage in conversations with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. Together, they discuss the nuances of living out the Catholic faith in today's world, culminating in the question, "Where have you found God?" This podcast offers a space to explore the intersection of spirituality, community, and education, providing listeners with personal insights and meaningful perspectives. Subscribe now to join the journey of discovery and connection.


Father Pat Reidy: Answering A Call Within A Call

Host: Grace Klise, Mary Margaret Schroeder ‘24
Guest: Fr. Pat Reidy

Here at STM, our admiration for priests knows no bounds! And when a priest not only dons a backpack, but also delves into classes and burns the midnight oil, our appreciation only deepens. 

Join us as we shine a spotlight on Fr. Pat Reidy, a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross, who's embraced a unique journey over the last five years at Yale and Saint Thomas More as a priest, law student, and then teaching fellow at Yale Law School.

As the summer sun sets on Fr. Pat's time with us and he returns to the University of Notre Dame, host Grace Klise and co-host Mary Margaret Schroeder '24 had the privilege of sharing moments with him in the studio. Together, they delve into Fr. Pat's inspiring and challenging path as a professed religious also studying law at Yale. Tune in to gain insights into this extraordinary voyage of faith and academia.

Katie Painter: Scholarship Anchored in Faith

Host: Grace Klise, Mary Margaret Schroeder ‘24
Guest: Katie Painter '23

Have you ever considered how a love for language, literature, and music could be a gateway to spiritual growth? Join host, Grace Klise, and student co-host, Mary Margaret Schroeder ’24, as they talk with Katie Painter, a bright scholar from Yale’s Class of 2023 who is now studying theology at Oxford University. During Katie’s time at Yale she graced the halls of STM and the sidewalks of campus with her peaceful and inquisitive mind that helped launch her on an unimaginable spiritual journey. 

Dr. Maureen Long: Between Faith and Faultlines

Host: Grace Klise, Mary Margaret Schroeder ‘24
Guest: Dr. Maureen Long

Join us as we talk about creation with our guest, Dr. Maureen Long, a trailblazer in the field of observational seismology who calls Yale and Saint Thomas More home. From Peru to the Pacific Northwest to the Appalachian Mountains, Dr. Long's work transcends borders, capturing earthquake waves from around the globe. Listen to her love for plate tectonics as she unravels the mysteries lying deep within our Earth. 

Jack Barsody: A Life of Ora et Labora

Host: Grace Klise, Mary Margaret Schroeder ‘24
Guest: Jack Barsody

At STM, we have the privilege of witnessing students integrate their individual passions, professional pursuits, and enduring faith. By following his heart and trusting in God, today’s guest has masterfully woven together his interests in healthcare, business, and ministry. 

Join host Grace Klise and her student co-host Mary Margaret Schroeder ‘24 as they discover how Jack stumbled upon this unique career trajectory and the exciting detours he encountered along the way. From bartending to powerlifting, and even time living in a monastery, Jack's stories are captivating and inspiring.

Beyond Borders: A Tale of Gospel Living and Refugees

Hosts: Grace Klise, Allan Esteron
Guest: Kathleen Cooney

When we see images of displaced refugees around the world, we rarely think about the processes and people involved in the successful resettlement of those refugees. The hurdles of enrolling children in school, securing housing and jobs, getting them up to date on their immunizations, and securing the legal protections they need to stay in their new's guest, Kathleen Cooney, knows all about these efforts as she has spearheaded Saint Thomas More's Refugee Resettlement Initiative with Assistant Chaplain, Allan Esteron, who also joins the podcast today as a co-host. 

April Pruitt: Standing Where Faith and Science Meet

Host: Grace Klise, Co-host: Mary Margaret Schroeder ’24
Guest: April Pruitt

What happens when a bubbly and brilliant scientist lets her faith and passion for justice animate her life? Join host, Grace Klise, and student co-host, Mary Margaret Schroeder ’24, as they chat with the incredible April Pruitt, a Ph.D. student in neuroscience who is making waves in autism genetics research.

Nevin George: Seeing God in All Things

Host: Grace Klise
Guest: Nevin George

In today’s episode, we're sitting down with Nevin George, a recent Yale College graduate, Class of 2023, who's now serving in a maximum-security prison in Northern California with Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or JVC. His journey there is marked by faith and fortitude, as host, Grace Klise, and co-host, Mary Margaret Schroeder ’24, discover in this conversation. Listen in as he shares his passion for math and music, as well as his experiences as a member of the Yale Symphony Orchestra, a volunteer with Math Counts Outreach, and a pilgrim at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. 

From College Student to Priest: Father Ryan's Journey

Host: Grace Klise, Zach Moynihan
Guest: Fr. Ryan Lerner

This episode delves into the many roles played by Fr. Ryan Lerner –priest, pastor, mentor, friend, running partner, and the cherished Chaplain at Saint Thomas More. Here we uncover the remarkable trajectory that led him first to enter the Catholic Church and, later, to the priestly vocation. With candid insight, listen as she shares the milestones of his spiritual journey that brought him to this point.