Reading Groups

STM offers a selection of reading groups that focus on specific areas of study and their relationship to Catholic life. The reading groups meet once a month, usually over a meal, to discuss readings that are current, engaging and easy to manage with a full course load. For more information on STM reading groups or to join, contact Sr. Jenn Schaaf.

Faith and Policy

Led by graduate students, the Faith and Policy reading group provides STM members with a forum to discuss their Catholic faith and their study of policy and law.

Faith and Science

The Faith and Science reading group examines the intersection of Christianity's and science's approach to human rights, stewardship and life's unknowns. These conversations include how to apply new learnings and have led to more environmentally sustainable practices within the STM community.

Women Reading Theology

Women Reading Theology is a gathering of intergenerational Yale women. The group meets to discuss theology written by contemporary Catholic women.