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268 Park Street
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Liturgical Schedule

Sunday May 5th Mass:
10am (followed by brunch)
5pm (followed by dinner)
10pm (followed by snack)

Monday-Thursday Mass: 5:30pm

Tuesday Reconciliation: 6-7pm

Friday Mass: 8am

Sunday, May 12th Mass:
10am (followed by brunch)

Baccalaureate Mass 2019

Sunday, May 19th
8am and 10am in the Chapel
Graduates and faculty are asked to wear their gowns (no caps) to Mass. A reception will follow each liturgy in the Dining Hall.

Note: Students in Berkeley, Davenport, Hopper, Stiles, Franklin, Trumbull, Branford, Silliman, JE and School of Public Health should attend 8am Mass. All other undergrads and grad students can attend either Mass.


Golden Center Schedule

Sunday & Monday: 9am-2am
Tuesday: 9am-10pm
Wednesday-Friday: 9am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed