Crisis Numbers

Crisis Numbers:

 Yale Mental Health

Mental Health & Counseling (MHC) is committed to addressing Yale students’ psychological concerns and helping them achieve their intellectual and personal goals. To that end, MHC provides short-term therapy that is individualized to the student’s personal situation. For most students, this approach enables them to move forward and successfully handle the challenges they encounter.


55 Lock Street, 3rd Floor, New Haven

Yale Student Health

If you think you might need us - call us! We are here to answer your questions and concerns; in Student Health 203-432-0312 during the day and in Acute Care 203-432-0123 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

55 Lock Street, 3rd Floor, New Haven


The Nurturing Network

The Nurturing Network is dedicated to alleviating the many forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation that persist in our global society.  Our mission is to provide educational resources, inspirational support and compassionate care to the most vulnerable in our midst. We are committed to joining with other organizations in defeating all forms of human bondage.

We are dedicated to being part of a liberating solution through the provision of education, training, mentoring and other vitally needed resources. We are confident that through effective cooperation and collaboration, we can help to generate the collective power to bring hope and healing where it is most needed. Comprehensive listing of pregnancy related resources.


Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence

Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (The Alliance) is a statewide alliance of individual sexual assault crisis programs. We work to end sexual violence and ensure high quality, comprehensive and culturally competent sexual assault victim services. Our focus is on three key areas: victim assistance, community education, and public policy advocacy.

State Wide Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 888-999-5545 English or 888-568-8332 Spanish

Women & Families Center

New Haven Office:
1440 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT  06511
Tel:  203-389-5010
Fax:  203-389-5595 

Rachel's Vineyard

Toll-free retreat information: 877 HOPE 4 ME (877-467-3463)
Toll-free national hotline: Rachel's Vineyard: 877 HOPE 4 ME (877-467-3463)
Toll-free national hotline: National Helpline for Abortion Recovery: 866-482-LIFE (866-482-5433)

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


St. Gianna Center

100 Whitney Avenue
Suite C8
New Haven, CT 06510 

203-624-BABY (2229)

The center is staffed by experienced, well-trained volunteers who are always ready to listen.

How We Help:
• Free, Confidential Pregnancy Testing
• Help In Arranging Financial, Legal, and Medical Assistance
• Educational Materials
• Education In Fetal Development
• Factual Information On Abortion
• Adoption Information
• Child Birth Prep Classes
• Maternity Clothes/Layettes
• Parenting Classes
• Social Service Referrals
• Referrals For Housing Providers
• Post-Abortion Support And Education For Women And Men
• Emotional and Spiritual Support

Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education Center

SHARE is available to members of the Yale community who are dealing with sexual misconduct of any kind. Individuals turn to us with a variety of concerns, large and small, and we assist in whatever way we can. Sometimes we have a one-time phone consultation. More often, that first phone call leads to meeting in person, exploring options for response, and working to make sure that the caller gets whatever ongoing assistance is needed.

SHARE responders are Yale University mental health professionals. All calls to SHARE are confidential, and can be anonymous if you wish. We will offer information and support, and sometimes recommendations, but we won’t tell you what to do—our goal is to help you make your own informed, empowered decisions.

SHARE is not just a crisis hotline.  We are a center located on the Lower Level of Yale Health and open for appointments or walk-ins Monday through Friday, 9-5.  Counselors are also available any time, day or night, at 203 432-2000.  We assist students who are dealing with acute and recent experiences, as well as experiences from their past.  We also support individuals whose friends, family or loved ones have experienced sexual misconduct.  We encourage anyone to contact us to receive information, advocacy and support.

203-432-2000 (24/7)
55 Lock St., Lower Level
(9am-5pm Mon to Fri)

How to Report an Incident of Sexual Abuse to the Archdiocese of Hartford

 If you have knowledge or suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult (an adult with an intellectual disability) has been sexually abused, in any manner, by personnel of the Archdiocese of Hartford, you are urged to report this information to:

Faith Voswinkel, MSW
Victim Assistance Coordinator

In addition, you will be asked to follow up in writing with a detailed description of the facts involved in the incident. Specifics of this written report can be found in the Policies and Procedures of the Archdiocese of Hartford Relating to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Involving Minors and Vulnerable Adults. This document is also available online at The Archdiocese of Hartford will report any and all incidents to the proper civil authorities.

Mandated reporters in the State of Connecticut are required by law to report any incident of sexual abuse involving a minor or vulnerable adult. We encourage any Non-Mandated persons to report such incidents to the proper authorities as well. We support your right to do so. 

Incidents involving sexual abuse of minors (persons under the age of 18) should be reported to the State Department of Children and Families Care-line by calling 1-800-842-2288; incidents involving sexual abuse of vulnerable adults aged 18 – 59 should be reported to the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services – AID Division for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities by calling  1-844-878-8923; and incidents involving sexual abuse of vulnerable adults aged 60 and over should be reported to the Department of Social Services for the Elderly by calling 1-888-385-4225. 

Once a written report of an incident of sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult has been received, an investigation will be undertaken by, or on behalf of, the Archdiocese of Hartford.