Liturgical Ministries

We invite you to take advantage of the rich sacramental life offered each week at Saint Thomas More Chapel.

Members of our community are invited to take part in the Mass by serving as an Acolyte, Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, Lector or Choir Member. Training for liturgical ministers is held at the beginning of each semester.

Acolyte: Assists the Celebrant during the liturgy.

Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist: Assists in the distribution of Holy Communion.

Lector: Proclaims God’s Word.

Choir: Welcomes all singers and instrumentalists who wish to join and take part in rehearsals, which take place 45 minutes before Mass. Free voice lessons are available for cantor interns through STM's Center for Music and Liturgy. For more information contact Richard Gard, Director of Music at

Please contact one of the Chaplains if you are interested in serving as a liturgical minister.