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Our Chapel and Center provide a warm and engaging environment for Catholic ministry to happen on the campus of Yale University. Students learn about faith through our Sunday dinner discussions and lectures, practice it among themselves in graduate and undergraduate communities, and live it through volunteer work at our weekly soup kitchen and through other local service projects. Our Chapel and Center are warm places to live out the Christian life. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you to STM. Please feel free to stop by to say hello. We are happy to help you feel more at home as you begin your life at Yale.

STM Magazine: Spring 2017


The Spring season has been busy and enriching. Some students traveled to Nicaragua and France over break to help their neighbor and deepen their Catholic faith. Other students traveled to Chicago to join with students from nine campus ministries across the country for the annual ESTEEM (Engaging Students to Enliven the Ecclesial Mission) conference. As you read, I hope that the Spring 2017 issue of the STM Magazine will be a source of inspiration for you. Please know that your support makes a difference here every day.

STM Magazine: Fall 2016


Another school year has begun and students have settled into their academic routines. STM has also settled back into its routine of worship, hospitality and programming.
Sunday Masses in the Chapel are special times for prayerful worship. While in the Golden Center, our community gathers each Sunday over delicious dinners to listen to challenging lectures. The Golden Center is busy every night of the week as several Small Church Communities (SCC) meet during the week and our reading groups and spirituality groups offer opportunities for continued growth in faith.


STM Magazine: Spring 2016


For our community, the spring semester is a time full of life, study and transition. As the bulbs lining the Chapel steps sent up green shoots in early March, budded and opened into brightly colored blossoms by April, we celebrated Easter and welcomed eight new individuals into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. These women and men were welcomed into the Church after participating in the year-long RCIA process. It is a very inspiring journey for me each year as I accompany them in this discernment process. What a grace!


The Sacred Paschal Triduum


Welcome to the celebration of The Sacred Paschal Triduum. Triduum is Latin for “three days,” measured from evening to evening between Thursday and Friday, Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday. This booklet has been prepared in a single volume to help us experience The Sacred Paschal Triduum as one unifi ed celebration extended over three days. After each liturgy, please leave this worship aid at the ends of the pews.


Let us worship God in spirit and truth. (cf. John 4:24)