Mary Margaret '24

Mary Margaret Schroeder, a first year at Berkley College, welcomes Undergrads to Yale and STM.


Maria '24

Maria Bambrick-Sanotyo, a member of the STM Undergrad Council's Pray committee, talks bout how STM enhances her life at Yale and she shares upcoming prayer opportunities at STM.


Frank '22

Frank Lukens, a junior in Ezra Styles College, talks about the STM Undergrad Council and his role as chair of the STUDY Committee.


Kaitlynn '21

Kaitlynn Pineda, a senior in Pauli Murray College, shares her experiences in the Undergraduate Women's Spirituality Group.


Shannon '21

Shannon Phuah, a senior at Pauli Murray College studying humanities and data sciences, shares her experiences with STM's ESTEEM program.


Blaise '22

Blaise Fangman, a junior in Silliman College, shares his experiences as a member of STM's Undergraduate Council.