Advent 2022

Friday of the Fourth Week of Advent: Lift Up Your Heads

Fourth Fri 1

When my grandsons need help with their homework, or a snack, or a hug, they look up at me and ask me for what they need. I always reach back down to them, with help with their homework, with a snack, or with a hug. I think of them as I read the response in today’s Psalm: “Lift up your heads and see; your redemption is near at hand.” This line gives me so much comfort. All we need to do to see our redemption, and ask God for what we need, is to lift up our heads and see what’s right in front of us. And there is the Lord, ready to guide us and show us the right way to go. It’s amazing to me that through this humble gesture of lifting our heads, we open ourselves—and our lives—to the guidance and redemption of the Lord.

I also think today’s Psalm shows us the importance of having daily communication with the Lord. When we acknowledge that we need him, the Lord is quick to provide us with kindness and constancy.

Christmas is only two days away and at that time, we will lift up our heads and see our redemption—Jesus born to Mary and Joseph in a manger. As we finish out these final days in the Advent season, I hope that even before Christmas you can hear the Psalmist’s call and lift up your heads. And in lifting them up, I hope that you will see God reaching out to you, providing you with whatever it is that you need.

Dawn Taylor-Groom

Dawn is STM's receptionist.