Lent 2021


Lent 2021: A House of Stone

Stone HouseA Reflection for the Thursday of the Second Week of Lent 

The reading from Jeremiah states that we can’t put our trust in other people because humans don’t have the power to make miracles, only the Lord has that type of power. Instead, Jeremiah states that one must put their trust in the Lord if they want to be successful because God is the only one who can make miracles happen. 

If we trust in the Lord, we will be blessed more than we can imagine. Completely trusting God is difficult to do because, as humans, it is difficult to believe in something that we can’t see. But once we make the jump to give ourselves to him, we will see his power. Whoever trusts in God will be like a house made of stone. Whenever a storm comes and tries to knock the house down, it will stay put because it is made up of a very strong material that will not wither. This is similar to us trusting in the Lord. When obstacles come our way, the strongest men will not be able to handle them unless through the power of God. We will withstand these obstacles if we trust and believe in the Lord because he is our rock and will keep us standing.

Jeremiah also mentions that the human mind is good at hiding evil because the human mind is deceiving and the only one who can see our true intentions is the Lord. The Lord knows all and sees all and he will reward those with good intentions.

Odera Nweke '23

Odera is a sophomore in Berkeley College.