Lenten Reflection


Lenten Reflection, March 6th

In Saint John’s Gospel today, Jesus tells the Pharisees “The one who sent me is true, and what I heard from him I tell the world”.

STM Lenten Image.jpgWhat does Jesus mean by true?  How do we define “truth”?  Is truth simply “fact vs. fiction”?  Is it the opposite of “fake news”?  Is truth simply the confirmation of a hypothesis or the conclusion of a syllogism?  We know that “truth” extends far beyond these definitions, and is a major element of our life and faith.  What is, therefore, the truth proclaimed by Jesus, and how do we find it?

While we may get direction for finding truth in scripture, spiritual counseling, and the inspiration of others, we must ultimately find this virtue within ourselves.  How do we do this?

We find truth when we clear our minds of the distractions and conflicts of the world, and use reflection to focus our thinking.  We are also more likely to get to get to the heart of the matter if we are comfortable with who we are, and trust our judgement.  Finally, we must follow our moral compass to “do the right thing”.

Finding the truth is not complicated.   Saint Thomas More provides us with multiple resources to help us find our way.  We find truth in our lives when we realize what it means to “do the right thing” and act accordingly. 

Finding the truth within ourselves, and following the path that we know is the correct one, will help us achieve the inner peace to which we all aspire.

Leo M. Cooney, Jr. M.D.

Dr. Cooney is a member of the STM community.