Lenten Reflection


Lenten Reflection: March19, 2019

STM Lenten ImageIn the second reading and the Gospel today, we witness two extraordinary examples of the power
of trust in the word of God. In the second reading from Romans, St. Paul says of Abraham, “He believed, hoping against hope, that he would become the father of many nations , according to
what was said.” There were so many reasons for Abraham to doubt God. He and Sarah were too old to have children, and Sarah was barren. In spite of all of these obstacles, Abraham’s ultimate
hope and trust were placed in the power of God.

In the Gospel, we see how Joseph’s trust in the word of God frees him to love Mary and Jesus, in spite of questions and obstacles due to Mary’s unforseen pregnancy. In this passage, I am struck by how immediately after God speaks through the angel and tells Joseph not to be afraid, he, “did as the angel of the Lord commanded him.” As we know, the Word of God can sometimes be difficult to understand or it may not feel like God is speaking to us personally, but God is always speaking to us. The president of my high school would say, “Every moment of our lives is an invitation from God.”

Every moment, regardless of our vocation, life circumstances, or feelings, we have an opportunity to choose to participate in the self-forgetting love of God. When we choose to love, that is to will the good of the other, we partake in the divine life, where as St. Pauls says, God is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. While it probably won’t be as dramatic as Joseph’s dream, God is speaking to you today. He speaks to you through the Word, the people he puts in your life, the Mass, the poor, and prayer. What is He calling you to do? How can trust in the Word of God transform your thoughts and actions into deeper love? All God needs is a little trust and He will do infinitely more than you can ask or imagine.