Lent 2020


Reflection for Saturday after Ash Wednesday

STM Justly_purple final_300In today’s Gospel, the attention Jesus gives to Levi is met with jealousy and indignation by the Pharisees. How could they possibly know what was in Levi’s heart if they could not even bother to share a meal with him? 

Unlike the Pharisees, Jesus takes the time to get to know Levi and meets him where he is. Jesus demonstrates this profound practice to us time and again throughout his ministry. 

The approach requires us to do the work to try to understand others. Sometimes it can feel threatening, uncomfortable and perhaps like taking a step toward compromising one’s strongly held beliefs. I think it’s worth overcoming these feelings, because people are so much more than a profession, a belief, a political or religious affiliation, etc. Meeting one another where we are is an act of love, as well as a reflection of confidence in our faith and openness to opportunity. 

Lord, please give me the desire and imagination to think about where others are coming from and help me be grateful for those who extend the same kindness to me. 

Sarah Nikkel

Sarah is a member of the STM Community.